Quantum Soul Healing
- a journey into your inner universe!

Have you ever wondered why you are here, and if there is a greater meaning to your life?

Do you wonder if you have soul contracts, or live out karma, with someone in your life?

Are you curious about past lives, parallel lives or life between lives?

Do you feel like you are 'looping' in the same old, and getting nowhere?

Do you have health related issues that you would like to know the reason for?

Then a Soul Healing-session might be right for you!

About Hege Oppegaard

When the soul wants to go in a different direction and the universe repeatedly is trying to get your attention, well, at some point something's gotta give...

A Soul Healing-session can help you get

in touch with your

Soul essence - Guides - Higher Self!


That part of you where all the answers resides, and get to the root cause of your challenges or questions!

Often the root cause of many of our challenges we carry in this life, actually originates from past lives!

A Soul Healing-session can be an amazing tool to get a deeper insight to the lives vi live, and to clear out any "karmic mess", and to place things and events where they belong.