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         What is Quantum Soul Healing?

'Quantum' - because we work outside of time and space.

'Soul' - because it is your soul aspect we are working with.

'Healing' - because it creates space for healing to happen when we release things we no longer need to attach to.


'Quantum Soul Healing' is more of a concept, rather than a specific method, for soul journeys or past life regression. It is a combination of all methods put together with my own life experience. I don't follow any of the methods to a tee, but rather use different techniques from different modalities, which gives me more freedom. Every client is unique, and not two sessions will ever be the same, but unique in their own way.


When I use the term 'Soul Healing', it is just shortening for 'Quantum Soul Healing'. It is one and the same!


Who is a Soul Healing-session suitable for?

It is suitable for those who seek personal and spiritual growth.

It is suitable for those who are aware that we are more than our physical bodies and believe that we have a soul.

It is suitable for those who want to have an inner journey.

It is suitable for those who want a spiritual experience or want to connect to their Higher Self - divine aspect - guides.

It is suitable for those who experience health related issues and want to better understand the root cause of it.

It is suitable for those who are curious of past lives, parallel lives, lives between lives, life on other galaxies etc.

It is suitable for those who are aware that they are always in charge of their own lives, and are ready to make som changes.

Do you wonder if this is for you? Feel free to contact me via contact information at the bottom of the page. 

What kind of questions are common to ask in a session?

Before a session I ask my clients to provide a list of questions they seek answers to about their lives. It is questions you would like to ask your Higher Selv - soul aspect - the divine aspect of you.

All of these answers already lies within you, there is nothing you get from the outside world. It is just a matter of getting in touch with that part of you. I am not the one who answer your questions, I am just a facilitator asking your own questions to a higher aspect of you, while you are in a deep and relaxed state.  


You make a list of questions (max 7), in a prioritized order. We will go through them during our pre-talk. Some people don't want to ask a lot of questions, they merely want a soul journey, a spiritual experience.


Some examples can be:

Health - To learn or understand the energetic root cause of specific health challenges and to endeavor to resolve them.

Relationships - To understand life long patterns with multiple people or dynamics of specific individual relationships to encourage more peace and harmony.

Life Path - Usually related to work and employment, many people simply have the job they do to meet other’s expectations, pay bills and are often exhausted and miserable or bored. There may be other options for you out there!

Spiritual Origins and Goals - What is your galactic history, what is your star ancestry, what other incarnations have you experienced and how are they affecting the spiritual path you are on now? Do you have aspects of yourself you can integrate to assist in your current life?

What are the steps in a session - how does it work?

The first step is to contact me through the contact information below. Then we will find a suitable date for the session. 

During our talk you will need to share some information about yourself and your life. We will also go over your issues or questions.

After that, I will ask you to lie down on your bed or sofa, a quiet place where you will be comfortable and undisturbed. I will guide you through a guidet meditation, or some sort of induction, to get you into that relaxed state.

After the induction, when you are in that beautiful and relaxed state, you typically will do a past life regression. It might also happen that you visit experiences in this current lifetime. Your soul will guide you to whatever memories is the most appropriate for you to explore.

After the past lives, or memories, have been reviewed, I typically call in your Higher Self/guides to help answer the questions you have brought forth. Here you will get answers to why you witnessed that particular life, and to what extend this has an impact on your current life. When this connection is made, and the overall understanding from a higher perspective is made, it creates space for releasement and for healing to happen.

I will also ask your Higher Self (or guides) to scan your body, aura, energy fields and chakras, to clear any blockages or lack of natural flow.

After that I will bring you back to 'here and now' - back to everyday consciousness.

A session normally takes  about 3-4 hours.


How to prepare for a session?

Read how to prepare for a session here


Can I bring a friend or relative to my session?

The answer to that is - NO! This goes to both the pre-talk and the session itself. The session is personal and is ment for you only. Nobody is allowed in the room with you, or listen in on any devices. 

If it is an online session, people can be in the same house as you, as long as you are in a room alone and private during the session.

Can I record my own session?

You are not permitted to record your own session. In the online sessions I use Zoom for both sound and video recording. After the session I will send you the recording by mail using Dropbox or WeTransfer. 

The recording is personal and is ment for your own spiritual development. You ar not to share this publicly, or on any social plattforms, without my consent. I retain the rights to the recording. I will not share your recording publicly either, unless I have your consent.

What is hypnosis and is it safe?


Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, like focused attention. You are conscious and in control. A practitioner can never do anything to you that you don't agree upon. You are always in the driving seat.


It is a relaxed state of being, and can be compared with a state of daydreaming, and is totally safe. It's no more possible to get stuck in hypnosis than getting stuck in a dream while you're sleeping. 

We do go in and out of self-hypnosis several times a day. It is a trance-like feeling you get when you are focused upon something, like reading a book, watching TV or a movie, daydreaming, and even driving your car. And if there should ever be any emergency of some sort, a person would naturally be able to come out of the hypnotic state by simply opening their eyes or sitting up.

My requirements for you!

You must to be 18 years or older.

You must order the session for yourself (I don't take orders on behalf of others).

You must be the one who want the session!  

You must be in mentally and psychological balance.

You must not use any stimulants or anti-depressives.

You must to be drug free.

You must not drink alcohol for 24 hours before the session.

How do I order a session, and how much does it cost?

You order by contacting me via the contact information at the bottom of the page. Then we set a date. I will send you some information on how to prepare on email.


That is:

- Client form (this needs to be filled out and signed by you, and returned to me in advance of our session).

- Information on how to prepare for a session

- Information regarding online sessions

A Soul Healing-session cost NOK 3.555,-. I will send you an invoice on email, and it needs to be fully paid before we conduct the session.

A session normally takes about 3-4 hours.


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