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Hi and welcome to my site!

My name is Hege Oppegaard and I offer sessions in 'Quantum Soul Healing'.

I grew up in Asker, a suburb to Oslo (Norway). 

As a child I would never in my wildest imagination think that I, as an adult, would ever offer spiritual services. I have no recollection of any spiritual curiosity or experiences as a child. My favorite subjects at school was mathematics and accounting, consisting of numbers and equations with solid and indisputable answers. I pursued my dreams within the field of economics, and got a Bachelor in Accounting.


I vaguely remember having dreams of climbing the ladder in the world of business and accounting.


It did not turn out that way... 


After several years as an accountant, working long hours, alongside of living a family life with small children, I got burned out. I had burned the candle at both ends, so to speak, and I was totally worn out. I had no strength left, neither physically nor mentally, and sadly I had to give up my job. Besides caring for my family, I had close to nothing to give to someone else. After many years of seeing doctors and specialists, I was diagnosed with Fatigue Syndrom and I became disabled. That was both a huge sorrow, and at the same time, a huge relief! It was a sorrow not to be able to function in the work place and academic world as I was used to, and at the same time a big relief that I could finally give my body and soul some much needed rest. 

This incident became my catalyst into the spiritual world. I believe there is a saying that goes something like "when the student is ready, the teacher will arise..."

At the time I was completely oblivious to anything within the field of spirituality and alternative medicine. But I was so worn out, and my instinct told me that I needed something else. Coincidences would have it that I came across a little clinic with alternative therapists and healers, who showed me a different way of living, and another dimension to life. I was introduced to spiritual and alternative books, healing, crystals, flower remedies, meditations and a lot more. All that awakened something within me!

That really started of my self-development and spiritual journey. In no way has it been a journey without challenges, nor has it been a straight ascending curve, but a journey with a lot of soul-searching, cord-cutting and "clean-ups".

Now I hold a degree in Coaching, and I have taken several classes in different healing modalities. I have read many books within the fields of  spirituality and self-development, sat for thousands of hours in silence and meditation, always searching for something deeper.


It was first in 2013 when I "randomly" came across Dolores Cannon on YouTube that something really hit me. I could not get enough of that woman, and I watched everything I could find on her. I was in awe of all the wisdom she shared, about past lives, parallel lives, lives on other planets, quantum physics and great healing experiences. It made me curious to how all the lives we live are intertwined, and that our soul never dies, just going from one dimension to another. And how we play out different soul-contracts, and last but not least, how we are able to carry on "baggage" from one life to another.

This woke a new interest in me, and I was eager to learn her methods for past life regression. In recent years I have taken several classes within the field of hypnosis and past life regression. I now see how hypnosis can be an amazing tool to get a deeper insight to the lives vi live, and to clear out any "karmic mess", and to place things and events where they belong. This has given my work another dimension. It is the sum of all of my courses, together with my own life experience, that is woven together in what I call 'Quantum Soul Healing'. 

To see my spiritual CV - click here

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