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Checklist for online-sessions

I am using Zoom for my online sessions, this provides for video recording. This can be downloaded for free at This has to be done in advance!

I will send you the recording by mail after we have finished our session. I use Dropbox or WeTransfer for this. The files will be in their system for a short amount of time, so you need to download the recordings at your own computer. That is your responsibility!

You need to have a fast and stable internet connection. You can do a test at (this has to be done in advance).

You need earphones or headset with a cord and microphone (not cordless, i.e. bluetooth!).


Test that the sound on your laptop/ipad is working.

Test that the camera on your laptop/ipad is working.

Leave your power cable plugged in at all times during the session, even if the laptop is fully charged.


Turn off your screensaver and notification sounds.


Have your mobile phone within reach, but turn off the sound.


Set up the setting with your bed/sofa in advance, so you are all set up before with meet. You need a stable table or something to have your laptop/ipad on (don’t leave it in your bed or on your stomach etc..).

I only need to see you from the chest and up.


Make it comfortable with pillows and blankets.


Make sure there is light in the room, so I can see you clearly and the recording will be good. But not a roof lamp with sharp and bright light that will disturb you.


Wear comfortable clothing and shoes off!

You need easy access to the restroom.

If there is someone else in the house, make sure you are undisturbed during the session.



  • Have a glass of water with you!

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