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Connect to your soul and take yourself on an inner journey!

There are a lot of reasons one might seek a Quantum Soul Healing-session. This differs from person to person. Some common reasons people have sessions are as follows.

  • Health. To learn or understand the energetic root cause of specific health challenges and to endeavor to resolve them.

  • Relationships. To understand life long patterns with multiple people or dynamics of specific individual relationships to encourage more peace and harmony.

  • Life Path. Usually related to work and employment, many people simply have the job they do to meet other’s expectations, pay bills and are often exhausted and miserable or bored. Are there maybe other options for you?

  • Spiritual Origins and Goals. What is your galactic history, what is your star ancestry, what other incarnations have you experienced and how are they affecting the spiritual path you are on now? Do you have aspects of yourself you can integrate to assist in your current life?


'Quantum Soul Healing' helps the client get in touch with their own soul essens, or subconscious, if you will.

This is an inner journey/soul journey.

The client is guidet into a relaxed and altered state by using different kind of inductions or scripts. The client may go to a past life to address the issues brought by the client, or they may be rooted in this life. Your soul will guide you to whatever memories is the most appropriate for you to explore.

After the past lives, or memories, have been reviewed, I typically call in your Higher Self/guides to help answer the questions you have brought forth. Here you will get answers to why you witnessed that particular life, and to what extend this has an impact on your current life. When this connection is made, and the overall understanding from a higher perspective is made, it creates space for releasement and for healing to happen.

It is important to state that all healing i selv-healing. The word healing means "to be whole", and is not the same as living without any challenges or diseases. It might just be that the client needs to get a broader view or spiritual understanding to their life issues. There are no guaranties that healing will occur in a session. I am not a healer, but merely a facilitator guiding the client through the session.

It is also important to state that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A practitioner cannot hypnotize a client against his or her will. The client is always in control, and may at any moment stop the session if so chooses. The session is a collaboration between the practitioner and the client.

A Soul Healing-session should be seen as a part of personal or spiritual development. The client is always in charge and responsible for their own lives. Any use of medicine should only be changed in collaboration with their doctor, regardless of the outcome of the session.

A Soul-Healing session takes about 3-4 hours. First there will be a pre-talk, so I can get to know you a bit. You will need to share a little about your life and what your intention for the session is. We will also go over your issues and questions. 

What is hypnosis and Quantum Soul Healing?

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